Wedding Planning Terms (Catering + Rentals)

Wedding Planning Terms (catering + rentals)

wedding planning terms


I remember when I was just a wee little intern back in the day. My boss would be talking about an event and she would use acronyms during a conversation. I had no idea half of the things she was saying. I would just nod and try to look it up later. For the longest time in my young age, I didn’t know what a charger was…

There is nothing that makes you look more like a “newbie” than not understanding some of the lingo tossed around in the event industry.

Here is some need to know event planning words:

F+B: Its shorthand for Food and Beverage.

Action Station: A food table set up that will have a chef that tends the food. For instance, a chef who is carving the turkey.

action station wedding

BEO: Banquet Event Order. These are the documents that list all the information about an upcoming event such as set up, guest counts, meal selections, and contact info. These are used by hotels and venues.

Back of the House: This is considered “backstage”, everything a guest should not see.

Front of the House: Includes everything in the event that a guest will be a part of.

Corkage Fee: A charge added for the service of wine that is brought to an event and served by the corkage for weddings

In-House: Everything that caterer can do or offer. For example, we do wedding cakes “in- house”

Kosher: A meal that is prepared according to Jewish law.

Vegetarian: For non-meat eaters

Family Style: A way of serving food where the food is placed in large dishes and the guests serve themselves.

family style dinner for weddings

Stations: This is another word for Buffet. Tables are placed with different “stations” of food and is self serve.

Place Setting: The table service for a dinner which includes everything from the wine glasses, butter knife, plates, and napkin.

place setting for weddings

Charger: A large decorative plate that is placed under the actual dinner plate. Its used for looks and no one actually eats one them. Its mainly used for color or texture in the place setting.

charger plate weddings

Tablescape: Another word for arrangement or centerpiece. How the table will be decorated.

wedding tablescape

Linens: Refer to the cloth that will cover the tables. Linens come in an array of different colors, patterns, and materials.

brunch linen

Chivari Chairs: A type of chair that is a little more elegant, and comes with a padded seat.

chivari chair

Frame Tent: Large structure tents that are built on a metal frame

Pole Tents: Structure tents using poles (sometimes resemble a circus tent)

Serpentine table: arc-shaped table

Cocktail table: tall bar table usually round or square

Chafing Dish: a metal pan with an outer pan of hot water or uses an alcohol lamp. Used to keep food hot

Stanchion Pole: metal pole that you can hook rope or string to. Typically used to direct people or rope of sections. ( example: velvet ropes used at movie premieres)

Ghost Chairs: clear high-end plastic chairs that are clear

High Balls: Tall glasses

Rock Glasses: Glasses used typically for tan drinks with ice (also called an old fashioned glass)\rocks glass

Now you are well on your way to talking like a professional!

Have any other words or “lingo to add? Comment below!

Happy Planning!