Wedding Industry Secrets

wedding industry secrets

Wedding Industry Secrets

(Things Only Wedding Industry People Get)


I love hearing stories “about this one time…” from fellow wedding entrepreneurs or professionals. It is my FAV. Probably right up there with good bartender stories. I look back on my time in the thick of wedding season and remember those hilarious things that happened or the crazy thing a bride did. We all can relate on some stories and we all have those secrets that only each other get…


Here’s a fun list of things that you will totally understand if you work in the wedding business, my wedding industry secrets :


  1. We don’t tell our clients A LOT. I once had a candle catch on fire inside a glass jar on the table outside. My assistant gently and quietly picked it up and took it around the side of the venue while it flamed up, and put it out. Bride never knew there was a fire at her event.
  2. Sometimes you can be many things to your client. Mostly I have found that I can be a therapist. Knowing how to deal with different personalities is key.
  3. We secretly think spending all your hard earned saved money on one day is silly for some. But we are glad you do it. This one is hard to admit… on one hand I get it. On the other I have seen people stretch themselves so thin just to have bigger flowers or better food but live paycheck to paycheck in their lives. A good marriage is not made by an expensive wedding.
  4. We hate pink and peonies. Okay, that’s not true. I love pink and peonies, but sometimes by the end of the wedding season, if another bride picks peonies (and out of season) I might just gag. It’s okay though, we will never tell the client that because we love them and want them to be happy!
  5. Its really hard not to go totally over and beyond for clients. We want them to have it all and we want them to be happy. Its hard to say no sometimes but we know our time is worth money and sometimes we just can’t do it all.
  6. Ah, the things we do for clients… on the wedding day I had to go to Victoria’s secret and buy nude thongs for the bride. I also helped a bride pee while I held up her dress. I’ve broken up a screaming match between and bride and groom over an appetizer disagreement.
  7. Things you hear at weddings. I once heard a groom on the phone trying to score drugs… on the steps of the church at the rehearsal.


  1. Drunk happens. I had a drunk bride fall getting into the horse drawn carriage at the end of the night. I had a bunch of drunk groomsmen try to throw the groom in the pond. Some of the best times I have at the wedding is when all the tasks are done and we are getting close to the end of the night… watching tipsy people dance is Oh so fun.
  2. Through mishaps, crazy clients, or downright impossible tasks, we love this job. At the end of the wedding there is no better feeling than knowing it was pulled off without a hitch or at least without the client none the wiser.
  3. It is not a party for the planner. We are behind the scenes. We have put in place more things than you can imagine just for the 6 hours the guests enjoy eating and dancing. Its so sweet when the client tells us to pull up a chair (probably because we’ve gotten so close) but all we want to do is go sit in the closet, eat a burrito and take a breather… and maybe laugh about that crazy aunt Edna that is on the groom’s side.
  4. We know all the couple’s secrets. I’ve seen couples fight or yell about their distaste for the other’s mother. We’ve seen family arguments or had to keep parents apart after a bitter divorce. I once saw a mother of the bride carry a bag with the word Bride on it. The bride ended up telling me that her mother emotionally thought of herself as the bride since she was paying and she would even be wearing white to the wedding. Sure enough, she did. You get pretty close to clients through those months or year of planning.
  5. At the rehearsal, I scope out which of the wedding party will give me trouble. For example, will someone be late? Will someone have too much to drink? I’m gonna know who needs to have bottles of water brought to them. More often than not, I have more than perfect wedding parties and to those, I want to thank them for being wonderful friends to the married couple!
  6. The brides aren’t the monsters… its usually the mother of the bride. However every now and again a random guest could be the thorn in our side “I only eat vegan, what do you have for me (i.e. the bride didn’t ask or didn’t know) or “Can you hold my purse all night and get drinks for me?”
  7. Sparklers stress us the EFF out.
  8. I personally dislike being hit on at a wedding by guests and it does happen.


  1. Comfortable shoes. ALWAYS tough to find but so necessary for those 15-16 hour days.


  1. We love being able to see our clients move on in their life as a married couple and have babies. We feel super sad if the marriages don’t work out. These clients become more like friends by the end and we spend a lot of personal time with them. We cheer them in their successes and hope the best for them!


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