Tips for Cake Tasting (Cake Tasting 101)

tips for cake tasting
Tips for Cake Tasting (Cake Tasting 101)

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If you are a Bride, you know one the best parts of planning a wedding is about to happen… eating cake like it’s your birthday!

As a planner, we also know that we want our bride to have a great experience and have several tips for her before she has her tasting. Flavor, like color, is a very personal thing but having a few tips under our sleeves can help her make more informed decisions. Here are some great tips for cake tasting with your Bride.

Pre-Tasting Tips

1. Make sure to eat a meal before the tasting so your hunger doesn’t sway your decisions.

2. Bring inspiration photos for the designer to better understand the Brides vision. If applicable brings pictures of the dress, linens, invitations, or any other details the bride has already secured. (Remind the bride, as the cake designer will as well, that everything you see in a magazine is typically not a real cake. Most are made with Styrofoam and have food editors and assistants constantly keeping the cake camera ready. )

3. Drink water throughout the tasting to cleanse your palate.
4. Depending on the baker, usually the frostings, fillings, and cake is separated. Try each separate from each other to really taste each flavor. Then pair the favorites together. Ask the baker what is the most popular pairings as well.
5. Taste the light, fluffy options first, then work your way to the more rich desserts.
6. Keep the guest list simple when cake tasting. I prefer just the Bride and Groom if possible. After all, to many cooks in the kitchen…

Wedding Cake Costs

Ah, the question of the day! Cake costs will depend on size, design, flavors, shape, colors, décor, etc. So a cake can range anywhere between $2.50-$15 bucks a slice. If the Bride is on a budget, come up with some money saving tips and talk those over with the designer. For instance, a smaller more elaborate cake if the Bride is super into the design but maybe a sheet cake made of the same flavors to satisfy the guest count, or pies or other desserts as well. Cupcakes are also a perfect coupling with a cake.

tips for cake tasting wedding event desk blog

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Is it a summer wedding or very hot in your area? Ask the baker about summer cake ideas as some frostings like buttercreams and other soft icings tend to melt. Ask about transporting and refrigeration if needed.

Cake Décor

Items like sugar paste flowers or any other labor intensive decor can run up the cost. Another tip to offer your bride is to get the floral designer involved. Lots of brides choose to adorn the cakes with fresh flowers. Talk to the florist ahead of time  and see what the fee may be and the options she may have as far as flowers.


Displaying your Cake

Before the cake is licked clean off its cake stand, have your bride think about display options. What kind of stand would you like? Would you like to have lighting to highlight it? How would you dress up the cake table? Work with the designer of the cake and the event designer for options.

tips for cake tasting wedding event desk blog

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Top of the Cake

So plastic figurines are old school ( unless you are going for that!) There are so many options on cake toppers. Sugar flowers, real flowers, lace, monograms, or cute sayings.
Also, make sure you know ahead of time whether the Bride + Groom will want to save their cake topper for their first anniversary. If they live close, sometimes cake bakers will replicate the top of their cake for a small fee ( or free) for the day of the anniversary. Much better than an old freezer burnt piece!

tips for cake tasting wedding event desk blog

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Delivery of the Cake

The delivery of the cake is very important ( especially if you are dealing with those summer weddings we mentioned.) Make sure to talk with the cake baker about when it should be delivered and if it will need special care. Larger cakes may be assembled once they reach their final destination. As the planner in charge of the final wedding day timeline, make sure that you have an allotment for the cake bakers to do their thing and the table is ready to go.

Bring the Groom

It is best for cake tastings to keep the guest list down to the Bride + Groom. Although it is nice to have other family members opinions, sometimes it can overwhelm the Bride. Make sure to include the groom, as this can be a fun experience for him too.

Cake tastings are fun! Let the bride indulge, have a good time, and let her know that the planner is remembering these smaller details about delivery, top of the cake saving, and other items so she can worry about what type of cake she loves most for her wedding day.



Happy Tasting!