25 Tips and Tricks for Wedding Planners ( + Brides)

tips and tricks for wedding planners

25 Tips and Tricks for Wedding Planners ( + Brides)

Wedding Planning Pro Secrets


As a wedding coordinator, it’s our job to make a wedding run smoothly and make sure that the clients have the best day ever. It helps when we know all the ins and outs of coordinating and all the helpful info we can seek out for the road ahead. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Champagne toasts for a crowd are a waste of money. Most people toast with whats in their hand anyway. Buy a good bottle for the Bride + Groom ( maybe splurge for the wedding party) but don’t spend thousands trying to hand out drinks when you already have an open bar.
  2. Flowers are super expensive. Skip them on the bars, or side tables. If in a church, let the church be the décor, no need for aisle pieces.
  3. It’s never a bad idea to overstaff the bar. No lines at the bar equals happier guests
  4. When getting a cake, opt for a smaller one. Then have the baker make a sheet cake in the back that can be cut up and handed out to guests.
  5. Also with cake, don’t cut it in front of guests, take it in the back to cut as there is nothing worse than watching a masterpiece get all cut up
  6. If the Bride and Groom are reading their own vows, have them put in a pretty little notebook. Pieces of large paper wont look good in the photos.
  7. KNOW your BUSTLE. If possible have the bride have her girls learn the bustle before the big day (or yourself if you will be in charge) Nothing sucks time away from the party than an hour trying to figure out a bustle
  8. Rain plan is crucial. Always have a plan B if any part of the wedding is outside.
  9. Bellybutton rule: For walking down the aisle and for pictures, make sure the Bride and her ladies remember the rule to hold your flowers down where your thumb (wrapped around the stems) touches your belly button. That way, they aren’t covering their gorgeous faces behind the bouquet or looking awkward.
  10.  No sunglasses on for the wedding party if pictures are taken outside. It happens sometimes and you end up with guys in sunglasses in the wedding party pics.
  11. Trimming a budget… guest list is the fastest, easiest way to get the numbers you need.
  12. During the “you may now kiss the bride” part of the ceremony, pre-practice with the officiant that he will step out from behind them. That picture will last forever and perhaps some don’t want the pastors head in between them!
  13. Make sure you discuss vendor meals with the client, and make sure you read all contracts and riders for bands to see what they need in terms of food during the wedding.
  14. As a rule, 10-20% of invited guests do not attend the wedding, use that as a good number to give vendors in the beginning stages.
  15. Always remind your bride and groom to get their marriage license, its unlikely they will forget but I’ve had one say it slipped their mind.
  16. be respectful of church ladies! Some churches have their own coordinator that run ceremonies. Be polite and let them take the lead. Chances are, you will be planning more weddings there and you don’t want to get on their naughty list.
  17. I urge you to make budgets a priority with your bride and groom. Understanding and seeing the true cost of things before they start planning will give them a more realistic approach when planning.
  18. Keep an eye on your Bride before the wedding, make sure she is drinking enough water and eating bits of snacks. Nerves can get the best of a tummy and not eating can cause her to feel sick.
  19. A really good photographer can be a great asset during the wedding. They tend to be right in the thick of the action and have their timeline memorized. My photographers can make my job easier when they are on point! This goes for a good band/DJ. All of us syncing up just makes for a smooth wedding.
  20. Always do a venue walkthrough. Notice everything, from rafters, to outlets, floors, exits, fire extinguishers, Go thru your layout and make sure the floor makes sense and table placement for the buffets is acceptable. Walking through several times can help you feel at home when in the space and just knowing where everything is.
  21. Plan for a 10 minute break for the bride and groom alone. This can be done after the ceremony ( since guests haven’t left their seats yet) or after taking pictures. Get them a glass of champagne and let them breathe, readjust and take it all in! It’s a whirlwind for them!
  22. Suggest two pairs of shoes for the Bride, one to dance in and one to walk down the aisle in.
  23. Know your clients drinks, allergies, drink preference, food dislikes/liked etc. I always make sure they have a drink in their hand at their wedding and itf its alcohol, ill alternate between water too. If a buffet, make their plates for them and have a cocktail table for them to stand and eat if they don’t want to sit.
  24. If you are in charge of invitations, number the RSVPS on the back so in case a guest forgets their name you can match them to the excel spreadsheet.
  25. Keep an eye on the gift table. If money cards are on the table, better to take them and put them in a safe place and give to the bride at the end of the night.

Hope these little tips and trick for wedding planners help you in planning your next event! Have some great ones to add, let us know in the comments or come to our Facebook or Instagram page!