Social Media Tips for Wedding Planners

Social Media Tips for Wedding Planners

Social Media has become so incredibly important to a business. Often times it’s the only avenue for those wedding creatives just starting in the business. If you have already started the social media game, you know that at times it can be frustrating having little or no engagement, leads, or even ‘likes’ to your post. It’s fixable, so don’t get down and out yet!

Here are some great tips to get your Social Media in Gear:

1. Have a Clear Strategy for your Social Media.
What is your goal for your profiles? Do you want to get new leads? Do you want to network? Understand how you want to approach and make a plan. (after all, we are great at planning!) Make sure you choose the right social media platform as well. I would suggest picking 1-2 avenues to use and grow. More than that can be too overwhelming. Pinterest is great for a wedding planner, that’s wear brides make their wedding dream wishlists and you want to be on it!

2. Brand your profile.
Every business should have a brand. Make sure it is clear and concise. I personally believe if someone has to ask what you do, you aren’t being clear about your intent.

3. Start Slow.
Consistency is key, though I’m totally guilty of this. Try to post once or twice a week until you get into the habit. If you already have weddings in the books that you are doing, Start with posting these fabulous weddings ( with permission, of course) and let your followers see your expert work.

4. Showcase your Talent.
I just said this, but this is totally a must. When wedding planners get clients, we are essentially selling ourselves, our creativity, and our knowledge. We’ve got to show what makes us worth hiring. If you don’t have any clients yet, try mock-up weddings to get your creativity out there for brides to see. This is where you need to shine!

5. Share Inspiration.
I’m inspired daily by what is on the internet and social media. Post inspirational quotes once a week, share others work, trends that are cool, and other things that shine! Our website has just released a small social media pack with 5 quotes for weddings. They are perfect for engaging and giving inspiration to your followers. This is 5 weeks of posts if you post one quote a week. ( I love doing “Wedding Wednesday” or “Monday Musings” to inspire! Click here to get your pack! Only a limited amount will be sold!


6. Engage.
Ask your followers questions or answer any questions that come your way. Don’t let people think you are just another pretty screen. Build relationships online, you never know who might remember to recommend you to a friend who just happens to be getting married. Be involved with your social media… and be, well SOCIAL!

7. Connect with other Vendors.
The wedding world is big and competitive but we are all in it together. Keep up with other vendors and have connections in place. Building your vendor list is crucial as you will read in “How to be a Wedding Planner” (ebook available HERE)


8. Write amazing blogs and link them to your social media.
If you don’t know what to write about, think of a problem a bride might have when planning and answer that question. Talk about trends. Brides and Grooms are total information hounds when it comes to their weddings. They want to know everything. Have a blog that helps show just how much you know. After reading your blog, a potential Bride will be knocking down your door to get a piece of your knowledge and help for her wedding day!

9. Track + Measure.
Make sure to understand how your social media is being used. Who is seeing it? Are your followers going to your website? Where do your inquiries come from? If you know then you can focus attention on areas that are lacking. If you do any FB ads, tracking and measuring are crucial to see that your dollars are not wasted.

10. Contact Information.
I can’t tell you how many times I cant find someone’s website link or telephone number on their social media. Make SURE you have that listed. If you have a storefront or office, make sure that is mapped to an address as well.

11. “Never Posts”.
Never post anything that could be offensive. If you have to question a post, don’t do it.

12. Don’t focus on numbers.
The goal of social media is to reach your audience, to book clients or whatever you have listed as your goal. Quality over quantity is more important. Engagement is more important. Numbers don’t neccesarily equal clients.

13. Credit to Others.
Remember to always credit photographers or any other vendors that are associated with the wedding you planned. If you repost anything that is not your work, credit those as well. But you already know that.

14. Be Valuable.
This is a repeat of some of these, but worth ending this blog with. You have to look at what you are doing and ask yourself “ Would I be interested in the things I’m posting?’ Does it add value to my business? Is this something potential clients will want to read or look at? Don’t post irrelevant things just to be posting, you won’t get the engagement you need to propel your business.

Social Media is without a doubt, super important part of growing your business.