How to (Successfully) Market Your Wedding Business

how to successfully market your business


How to Successfully Market your Wedding Business

Are you a wedding creative who just recently started a business? Or do you currently have a business that has a few clients already through your friends but you NEED to reach an audience so you can get hired?

I know that feeling, there is a sort of desperation vibe you might feel like you are giving off. Where do I start? How do I get people to want to hire me? I got your back!

Where do I start? How do I get people to want to hire me? I got your back! Let’s start!


You need to have a website. It doesn’t have to be fancy or cost a lot. It needs to say who you are, what you do, what you offer, and how to contact you. You can find stock photos easy. I know starting out you don’t have a lot of work to showcase. You can use places like Squarespace or if you have a little more knowledge of design use WordPress. You can get templates for free or paid, I prefer Showit to any other web platform!

List your Business

You may have some local free resources that you can list your business but several big named websites offer free listings. Try Wedding Wire or OneWed. They may contact you to upgrade, but if you are new in the business, I’d keep it free until your marketing budget allows.


I can’t say enough about networking. Whether it’s online, a bridal show, a conference, council meeting, just GET INVOLVED. Go to openings of restaurants, get involved with your community. Vendors often have socials to promote things, Go to local events, email your vendors and tell them about your, meet with them in person. Start a wedding group, mingle with other professionals. If there is someone you really respect, ask them to lunch or coffee. In the wedding business, we refer all the time, after all, there are only so many weddings you can take in a weekend. No-one understands the career we have more than other professionals in the business!

Social Media

Social media these days are a BEAST, but it’s your best avenue for getting your name out there without paying a price. Instagram, FB, twitter, etc. Decide which ones fit your business best, trying to juggle too many may end in disaster. My personal Fav is Facebook + Instagram. Set up a page, or even have a group. Network on social media and let people see who you are and what you do.

Plan a wedding

Ha! that is an oxymoron, right? Or you think I’m a moron for saying this.. Either way, it works. If you have a friend, or family member that has an upcoming wedding, offer to plan free of charge ( or a smaller fee). I have gotten so many jobs just by planning ONE wedding. One person sees you in action, they tell their friend’s cousin’s wife’s sister… and of course, her boyfriend just proposed! (Lucky You!) Referrals from past clients are so important.


Offer your services to a local charity or community event. Be listed as a sponsor of the event. This is a great way to get your name out and do something good for the community at the same time. My first event ever was for a College Charity event!


If you’ve got a blog already, great! This should be integrated in your website but you can also start a free blog through WordPress or Blogger. Share links through your social media to get more readers. Write about things that brides will find important. Latest trends, tips on planning, flowers, the list is endless.

Brand Yourself

Everytime you post on FB or instagram, you are representing your brand. Stay consistent with your postings and stay on brand.

Local Venues

Schedule to view and tour local venues in your area. Venues often times have local vendor lists they give out to Brides looking for a venue. Wouldn’t it be great if you were on it? Get to know the employees at the venue, learn the layout. When a potential client DOES meet with you and she learns that you know all about the venue ( i.e how many tables it holds, costs, etc) she will be thrilled to feel the potential coordinator knows so much. Make sure to send a thank you note to the venue afterward!

Business Cards

They seem dated in this day and age but in a brief moment you meet someone and they want your contact information, you can hand them one quickly and easily. There are so many places to get cheap business cards online. Remember to keep your cards along the lines of your brand. Include your website, email, phone, number, and even a link to your social media. Such as find me on FB @weddingeventdesk

Customer Service

Everyone knows customer service is crucial. Promptness is key. If you receive an inquiry, answer immediately (at the very least within 24 hours for email, 1-3 hours for Social Media during work hours) It’s so important to be professional, friendly, and inviting. Don’t worry, being quick to respond isn’t weird or desperate. This isn’t dating, after all! 🙂

Mock Photo Shoots

If you have the resources, design a photo shoot to show off your design and creativity. Post on your blog or submit to other blogs to publish.


In your downtime, learn as much as you can about the wedding industry. Attend weddings if invited, read blogs ( such as Wedding + Event Desk, right?), study flower styles, dresses, types of photography. Research your local vendors, other planners and see what they are doing. Attend Bridal shows or other trade organization events. Get in the know.. because the more you know, the more you grow! ( I think thats from Sesame street? Well, it IS helpful.)


Have any other marketing ideas you want to share? Comment below OR log on to Facebook and join the conversation HERE!


Happy Planning!



  1. Stephanie

    October 7th, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Wow! I have gained so much knowledge, thank you. I hope to come back with my testimonial after I put all this to practice.