Emergency ‘Must Haves’ in your Bridal Kit



As hopeful as we are that every wedding goes off without a hitch, as planners we know that anything can happen so never leave the house without an emergency kit for those minor mishaps.

A bride gets a headache, a best man has lint all over his black suit, the mother of the groom gets a stain on her dress, or someone’s hair is in need of bobby pins… these are just a few of the little things.

I have put together a complete list of items you should have in your emergency bridal kit, you can download here.

Here are the TOP TEN highlights from the list that are my emergency ‘Must Haves” for the wedding day:

1. Painkillers. Whether it’s you, the caterer, or the bride, It is necessary to keep some Tylenol on hand for those aches and pains that get in the way. This is a day saver!
2. Sunblock. I cannot tell you how many times guests, bartenders, or a bridesmaid have needed a bit of sunscreen. (Bug spray is another one!)
3. Snacks. Whether your bride forgets to eat, a guest gets too hot before the ceremony, or you totally had to skip lunch, a few granola bars can be of good use.
4. Lint brush. This is the handiest tool especially those groomsmen suits that attract everything or table linen that got a little messy with glitter.
5. Scissors. MOST used item in my kits. Cutting tags, snags, or fixing a table linen that unraveled.
6. Lighters. Candles at a reception or ceremony, caterers have to light a warm under the chafing dishes? It’s the most forgotten item so be prepared. I recommend the long lighters (2) for easy lighting of candles.
7. Bobby Pins. Everyone always needs these, you can never have too many. Throw in some hair ties for when the dancing gets sweaty.
8. Baby wipes. As a mom, or as a planner, I never go anywhere without them. Wipes up spills, gets out stains, and refreshes. Its a basic necessity of any human.
9. Lip gloss. One of my most favored item in the bridal kit by brides. I even keep a couple of colors, just in case. I also liked to get the brides lip gloss of the day and hold it for reapplying throughout the day.

So planners, what is the craziest thing you ever had to use out of your bridal kit?

For me, I just so happened to have a few fake rings that came in really handy when the best man forgot the rings! ( even though I reminded him several times…)

To see more of what should be in your wedding day bridal kit, check out our downloadable checklist here: emergency bridal kit checklist in the business kit