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There are so many books that tell you how to start a business but NO ONE tells you how to actually dive into a career of wedding planning first. This book is no BS look on how to get started in the wedding industry with information on types of schooling, how to interview for jobs for your new career, and all kinds of insider information on what you need to know to be a wedding planner. How to be a wedding planner starts with the basics and gives you a true life experience as well.

Need a career change? Graduating and ready for a job? This book is for you.
Engaging, sometimes funny, totally true, and most importantly a great quick “How to” for anyone looking to break into the business.

Some topics covered include:
What a wedding planner does, that you didn’t know about:
How to gain experience and get a job as a planner
How to interview
How to get a client
How to direct a rehearsal
Tips for directing your first wedding

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This book is well written and easily understood. It explains completely the practical aspects of planning a fabulous wedding start to finish.
             -Amazon review

-Amazon review

This book is great! I'm trying to get started in this business, and this book gives great insight and tips on how to begin!