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"I have always loved being able to teach and help people learn about something they already love."

Hi! I’m Taylor,  circus ring leader of three little boys (7,4, + 10 months), coffee drinker, wine lover, and lover of all things pretty.

How I Became a Wedding Planner
During my 4 years at the College of Charleston, I interned with a wonderful wedding planner and ended up becoming one myself after lots of blood, sweat, and tears. I also was a floral + event designer for reputable companies 

and working at exclusive venues in Charleston SC. Leaving behind my career was tough but after a few years, I’ve decided to take what I’ve to help others journey into this career field. When I was just starting in the business, there was hardly anything out there to teach me how to be a wedding planner. I can’t tell you how many times I just wished there was a place to learn more or to ask questions when I had “wedding planning questions”.

You can read more on my story and learn so much more in my ebook “How to be a Wedding Planner”.

About Wedding + Event Desk
I wanted to create a website to educate in the business related to wedding planning. There are so many websites geared towards Brides, and while those are amazing websites, they don’t give a ton of helpful advice for the planners. Our blog will provide tons of advice, tips, + tricks for wedding planners, which are even helpful for brides who do a lot of planning themselves.

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Starting a business is tough, but the trick is to have all the necessary tools to succeed. This website was created to help those starting their careers, or perhaps looking to change one, or start and run a successful business. Shop our tools, resources and business kits to help make starting your own wedding planning business today!

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